Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Brittany was visiting last week with her two little ones and one morning Ava was up before dawn.  Not wanting her to wake anyone (too late really because she'd already woken me up) I brought her downstairs to the basement, turned on the TV, told her to play with some toys, and tried to go back to sleep on the sofa.  She informed me that she wanted breakfast.  I spotted some candy cane oreos left on the bar from the night before and in a weak moment handed one to her.  She was happy while I felt marginally guilty (it was six in the morning, the real guilt wouldn't kick in for another three hours) for feeding a two year old a cookie for breakfast and hoped her mother wouldn't find out.  
After everyone was up and we were about to have breakfast, Ava removed the soother from her mouth and I heard Brittany ask what was around Ava's mouth.  I looked and there were the tell tale signs of black cookie crumbs in the corners.  Busted!  I got a telling off as is only right and apologized.

A couple of minutes later William piped up " You know those Reese's chocolate bars you have downstairs?

"Yes" I replied.

"Well I bought some at the store (he had been playing with an old wallet and pretending to buy various things with a hotel key card he was using as a credit card) and I gave one to Aunty Pretty (Brittany) and guess what... she ATE IT... BEFORE BREAKFAST!!!!!


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