Tuesday, June 19, 2012


A few weeks ago I came out of my bathroom in just my underwear after showering (I was the only one home).  I noticed that the brilliant sunshine that streamed through the window pre shower had dimmed somewhat so I walked to the window and looked up toward the sky to see if it was a random cloud that had covered the sun briefly or if a whole bank of clouds had obscured it.   I wasn't worried about cars passing by spotting me because the road is far enough away that they would have to be looking directly at our window to catch even a glimpse of bare skin before passing by and cars so rarely drive past anyway.  I checked out the sky and saw with dismay that it was well and truly overcast.  I looked down to see a Purolator truck parked in the driveway and the delivery man looking up at me. Our eyes met and I yelped and jumped back about three feet.  I was stuck.  There was no one home but me and he knew I was there so I had to swallow my pride, quickly get dressed and go down and answer the door.  I opened the door and with a sheepish grin greeted him.  Without saying a word he thrust out the electronic pad for me to sign.
"Oh, something I need to sign for." I said.
Still not a word from him.
"Hmmm I wonder what it is?" I said aloud mostly to myself.
"I wasn't expecting anything." I continued.
He was probably thinking "Obviously" but continued to remain silent and unsmiling.
At this point I was beginning to feel really awkward but the fact that he almost seemed angry about the whole situation made me want to laugh, which I did... silently...shoulders shaking as I signed my name...biting my bottom lip as he handed me the parcel... trying not to completely lose it as I wished him a pleasant day.  He did not utter a word.

This is the view as I come out of my bathroom.

There's the road. It would be difficult for anyone to see right into my bedroom.

The Purolator delivery guy had a much better view from down here.


  1. Classic Fionna. I have to wonder how often on a daily basis this poor man is propositioned (well in his mind anyway) by naked middle aged women. He probably thinks you're a cougar or spend too much time watching desperate housewives! You are so brave, there is NO WAY I would have answered the door and looked him in the eye. Or neck. Or torso. I might have noticed his footwear perhaps. xoxoJan

    1. Oh, if only I looked like one of the wives of Wisteria Lane. This guy was older than me anyway so no cougar here. lol My family is still laughing.