Sunday, June 17, 2012


I called my grandkids (the older ones) yesterday to ask them some questions about their dad and grandpa.  I caught them outside playing with their dad so only William was a willing participant.  Maia said hello and then went off to play.  Lilah kept me on the phone for ten minutes saying hello about every three minutes but then nothing else.

William is five and a half now and is becoming quite aware of the things going on around him so his answers were more informative and correct than cute and funny.  He did not totally disappoint.  He was right when he told me that daddy's favourite food was pizza and cheese and that grandpa's was spicy stuff but I did have to chuckle when he told me that daddy's favourite thing to do for himself was lie around. He gave the same answer for grandpa.  Quite frankly it is very rarely that I see either one of them do this.  He guessed his daddy's age within a year but was a little off on grandpa's putting him at 109 years old.  He thought I was 33.  I love that boy.

William told me that his dad's favourite thing to do with him is play games with him.  He went into great detail about the kind of games they would play and as he was relating his experiences I could feel the great love he had for his dad.  I'm proud of my son for being that kind of father to his children.

The final question I asked William was "If daddy could be anything in this world, what would he be?"
"Superman" was his reply. With all his Dad has on his plate right now he is a superman. He thought grandpa would be a fireman.  Considering grandpa can't light a fire without a half gallon of gasoline this might be a good job for him. 

So to all you dads out there, have a Happy Father's Day.  

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  1. 109... About right for how many pre earth years he was a secret agent in.