Tuesday, May 15, 2012


You would think that playground equipment geared for young children would be fairly innocuous.  You would think...right?  Not so my friends, not so.
Take for example this little number....

See the little poles with the seats atop them?  They look pretty safe don't they?  William and Maia had a great time spinning on them with my close supervision.  William didn't want me to feel left out so he suggested I take a turn.  I climbed on and it made a couple of slow turns at first. I smiled at William as if to say "This is fun", he smiled back and then ran off to go play on the slide.  I made a move to get off the spinner but it picked up speed and the momentum threw me backwards.  I must have been at the perfect angle to induce maximum speed and I was now holding on for dear life as the world spun around at a dizzying million miles per hour.  I threw out my legs to try and reach the ground with my foot to stop the stupid thing, this seemed to increase the speed even more. I failed to reach my target.  I knew at that point I needed help so I called out to Kere to come stop me. Keep in mind that this was in a playground area filled with young kids and their parents and I can only assume that all eyes were on me but at this juncture in my adventure, my eyes were shut tight in attempt to keep the spinning world from making me nauseous.  Kere came to my side and I pleaded with her to stop me as she laughed and commiserated that she didn't have her camera with her. In one final desperate effort, I stretched my foot down as far as I was able and made contact with solid ground.  My indignity would not end there, I now had to make my way to a bench to sit down but my spinning escapade left me walking like a drunken sailor.  After I had regained my faculties, I packed the kids and my pride into the van and drove them home.

Beware! these are KID friendly only.


  1. Kere! always carry a camera

  2. It's times like these that I am a little too proud to bring up the fact that I pitched for the current blog name. Ahem.