Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Remember when I bragged about my detective skills?  It seems my observational prowess is not nearly as great as I thought it was.  Yesterday I left my bank card in the debit machine at the grocery store.  In my defense I was distracted by the conveyor belt at the checkout I used.  It wouldn't stop moving and the cashier and I were struggling with it as I tried to remove boxes of jars off the conveyor belt and into my cart.  Fortunately it was at the very next store that I realized the bank card was missing from my wallet and I made a return trip through town to retrieve it.   I approached the cashier at the first till and asked where I should go to inquire about my card.

"Right here" she replied as she opened a drawer and pulled out a stack of bank cards.  "Can you tell me the last three numbers of your card?" she asked.

"ummmm.....no?" I ventured "but it's got my name on it."  I proceeded to tell her my name. She proceeded to tell me that there were no names on either of the two cards from my bank.  My heart skipped a beat.  Perhaps my card had dropped in the parking lot and was gone for good.
"Could you check the back of it please?  I know that my signature is on the back."
She checked.  No signature on either card.
"I was just here less than half an hour ago, and I left it at that checkout there." I explained as I pointed out the lane I had used.
"This would be the one then. "  She said as she handed me a card. "Maybe you could try and purchase something with it."

I did.  It worked.  Don't judge.

When you shop at a store that displays signs like this though,  it's hard to feel overly stupid.

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