Thursday, May 3, 2012


I bet you think this post will be about food that has fallen to the floor and how long it can sit there before being deemed inedible.  In our house that 5 second rule can run into the 5 day rule depending on the age of the eater.  Personally, I wouldn't eat anything that fell on my floor because I know how often (or little) it gets cleaned.

Tonight we played a new game called 5 Second Rule.  It's a fast paced game where you are asked to name three things in a given category and you have 5 seconds to do it.   We had some good laughs as we played.  I'm a little concerned that Brittany and Emily do not know what a prime number is nor what a preposition is but they can be forgiven because like I said, it's pretty fast paced and had they been given half a minute to think about it they would have remembered.  The funniest moments of the night though came at Emily's expense.  When asked to name three countries in the northern hemisphere she quickly called out  Canada, USA, Europe.  Later in the game Brittany's category was professional basketball players. Steve Nash, Michael Jordan, and Jimmer were her answers.  Unimpressed, Emily asked Brittany "Yeah, but what's his first name?"
"I don't know." replied Brittany.
"Jimmer" I said "His first name is Jimmer."

*Emily is much smarter than I have made her out to be. 

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