Thursday, November 3, 2011


I've been home from Portugal for almost two weeks now and while there has been so much I could blog about after that amazing wedding I attended, I have neglected my blog because I have been entertaining some of my beautiful little grandchildren, or should I say, they've been entertaining me.

I will eventually write about my wonderful adventures in Portugal but tonight I want to direct you to a blog written by a dear friend of mine.  During the school year, he visits schools in the western United States giving presentations on mountain men.  He dresses up in full costume and brings in animal pelts for the kids to feel, teaches how to make wild animal calls, and regales them with tales of old trappers.  I have never seen his presentation but knowing Scott, I bet he has the rapt attention of every student within earshot.    From time to time he post letters on his blog from kids who have been present for his performances, along with a reply.  This is definite laugh out loud stuff!

Check out his latest post here.

This one is pretty cute too.

And this one.

Heck, just  go and click on the word blog on the sidebar of his website and you can read them all. 


  1. Hello Fiona. It sounds like the wedding in Portugal was a grand old time. You folks know how to live. Thanks for your support and comments on my blog. I am still pretty much a novice on this whole thing. But your blog is very impressive lady. Give our love to the family, have a great holiday season and we will see you in the spring. Love, Scott and Pat