Tuesday, October 25, 2011


This picture was drawn by Daniel when he was about six years old.  I saved it and framed it not because I thought he would one day become a great artist (that is clearly not his talent), it was the text that struck me, "I never feel little.  I always feel big."  (spelling corrected)

I have never known a child to be so self assured at such a young age.  He exuded confidence from the time he was very little.   I remember going to a school fair shortly after he had first started school and as we walked around the school participating in activities,  kids from kindergarten to grade eight would call out to him to say hello.  I was astounded.  How did he know that many kids already?

Since he has been in New Zealand I have missed...

  • his pacing the floor while intense sporting events played out on the TV. Watching sports is just not the same without him.
  • his yelling at the refs or players in said sporting events.  Seriously, he would wake me out of a sound sleep sometimes.
  • his brutal honesty.  If I asked his opinion on something he would give it to me straight up even if it might hurt my feelings. 
  • his ever present smile.
  • his goodnatured joking.
  • his high pitched, girly, laugh (he adopted that in Fiji and it hasn't left).
  • his generosity.  If I didn't have an opinion on something he was always willing to give me his.
Happy Birthday Daniel!   I love you.


  1. Yes, a Happy Birthday to you, Daniel. You certainly opened my eyes that day! And, there is no doubt, you have been a blessing to your parents every day since - even with the shenanigans...

  2. He is a special guy. I sure am glad he was born hah :) And don't worry, soon you will be missing the days quietly watching a game on TV