Monday, June 13, 2011


I was chatting with a friend the other day when she revealed to me that she had just recently been "unfriended" on facebook by a close family friend after a bit of drama between the two.  We laughed. I confessed that I too had been a victim of being unfriended three times in the past.  I am not talking about someone paring down their friend list by removing a person they don't know well but rather a purposeful removal of a name because they are mad at the person.

I am not quite sure what the desired result is when someone unfriends me but if they are hoping to hurt my feelings it has an entirely opposite effect.   It usually results in me calling a couple of friends to enjoy a good laugh together about it. I think it's hilarious because it's just so.... so.... juvenile I guess.  I get that the person doesn't want me knowing any of their business etc. but seriously if things are that bad between us, why would I even care to know their business?  Anyway I am a master facebook stalker, I could so totally find pictures, and updates of my unfriend if I wanted.  So if you get mad at me, go ahead and unfriend me, I either won't even notice or I'll have a good laugh.  Either way, I win.