Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Just because I am a grandmother doesn't mean I have to act like one so when a couple of friends suggested a get together I jumped at the chance.  I'd forgotten how much fun it is to have a couple of friends come stay overnight.  We talked about boys (our husbands), how to do our hair (one said she would prefer a brush cut, seriously?) while we painted our toenails. We took silly pictures withWoody, proof that my persuasion skills are as good as Matthew's but I had to promise that there would be no posting of said pictures on either facebook or my blog. Darn!  We played games and I made an amazing come from behind run to win the Last's my blog so I can totally brag it up if I want... and anyway a game where you have to try and get the last word in? you know I am going to rock that one unless perhaps I am playing with Daniel. 

So it was fun to be a teenager again even if it was just for a night.  Oh, I almost forgot *wink* dancing in the basement.  It wouldn't  be a sleepover without dancing and dance we did. may or may not have been me... hooked up a hidden camera to capture an unsuspecting hoofer.  No promises were made regarding the release of such a movie so enjoy.  Heads have been cut off to protect the identity of the victim.
The Movie


  1. You are pure evil! Muhaha Mugabe!!

  2. Not quite pure evil but close. It's a wonder I have any friends.

  3. youtube? You posted it on YOUTUBE?! I'm glad you live in Canada :P