Tuesday, May 31, 2011


A friend of mine has graciously offered to redesign my blog for me.  How cool is that?  I think it's pretty amazing that:

  1. I know someone that can even do that (most of my friends don't even know what a blog is and I completely lose them when I suggest they follow me on a reader).
  2. She offered to do it....for free even!
My dilemma?  As this friend pointed out, the panic is long over and perhaps it was time to change the title to something that reflects my blog more appropriately.  I had been thinking about this myself for quite a while but since it wasn't a pressing matter, I didn't devote serious time to it.

So here's some suggestions I've been given

.- Blush Magnet
- It happened.  Believe it.
- I don't make this stuff up.
- Much Stranger than Fiction
- I'm Not Kidding
- Fionna's Believe it or Not (written in the Ripley's font, to tease)
- Awwwkward.
- The Insider's Guide to Awkwardness
- Bloopers are My Business
- Not your ordinary Mormon Mom Blog
- Making life funny. (This is a suggestion from someone who thinks it's funny because it is almost an acronym for MILF, as if I don't know what that means.)

I am open to suggestions or you can let me know your favourite from above.  An awesome prize goes to the namer of my blog so be sure to leave your name with your suggestion. 


  1. Don't name it either of the titles involving the word "awkward." That word is overused, and often in ways that don't really fit the true meaning of the ward. (Although many of your situations are actually awkward, so it could fit for you.) More of your situations are just funny without being awkward, I say.

    I am better at taglines than I am at titles. I do like "Blush Magnet" because I think it fits a lot of your stories. Although it makes it sound like you are the one blushing rather than the one causing the blushing, which is actually the case.

  2. Maybe it should be The Blush's Epicentre then? :P Even if you're often the one not blushing, you still draw 'em though - like a magnet.

    And you DO awkward right...if anyone deserves that title, it's you.