Sunday, May 29, 2011


My favourite quotes of the week.

WIlliam playing with a little pirate figurine.
Me: "Is that the evil pirate Will?"
William: "No!"
Brittany: "It's One Eyed Willie!"
Brittany in her best pirate voice: "One Eyed Willie is after me booty!"
We looked at each other and literally fell on the floor laughing (it helped that we were already on the floor). William laughed too but didn't get it. If you don't either, well good for you.

Emily and I playing a game on the xbox Kinect.

Me: "We're the first to play this level.  Let's try and get gold"
Emily: "Okay."
We played the level.
Me: "Hey, we got platinum!"
Emily: "Is that better than gold?"
She's a college graduate.

I stopped by Kere and Matthew's the other day just after William had gotten into a little trouble.

William: " I cut a hole in my underwear."
Me: "You did?
William: "Yep, with mommy's scissors."
Me: "That was naughty."
William: "Why did people make my underwear out of string?"

There's never a dull moment around here.

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