Saturday, May 7, 2011


Note to self: Do no write a blog right before bedtime.

After writing last night's post, I had a dream that I was in Wal-mart talking on my cell phone when I spotted a lady walking around the store smoking a cigarette.  I was shocked!  Other people were just giving her dirty looks but I felt I needed to say something so I told the person I was on the phone with to hold for a second and proceeded to tell the lady off.  She told me to mind my own business.  I threatened that I would call security and she hurried off while I shouted after her to hold on for a second all the while trying to pull the camera up on my cell phone. I even yelled to her "Wait! I need to get a picture for my blog."

Now on to the real subject of this post.

On the Saturday before Mother's Day when Adam was six, I was left home alone with our three oldest boys while Ian and Brittany attended his sister's wedding in Utah (Brittany was under two so could fly for free).  I was about eight months pregnant with our youngest and feeling every bit as tired as you would expect (especially when you consider my husband left me alone... on Mother's Day... with three little boys).  The day was sunny and warm so I suggested to the boys that we have a little picnic lunch in the back yard.  The two younger ones were thrilled at the idea but Adam wanted no part of it.  Democracy rules in our house when the vote swings in my favour so a picnic it was to be.  Adam was not happy and no amount of cajoling could convince him otherwise.  I busily prepared our lunch while he sulked.  I washed and cut up fruit and made a platter of sandwiches with the crusts cut off even.  I asked Adam to take the tray of sandwiches out to the picnic table for me.  I opened the door for him and went to the sink to make up some drink.  I watched from the window as Adam walked half way to the picnic table, stop, then deliberately turn the platter upside down spilling all the sandwiches onto the ground.  I lost it.  You would not have believed a pregnant woman could move so fast.  I was out that door and right behind him almost before the last sandwich hit the ground and I am not proud to say that  I nearly lifted him off his feet when my hand hit his backside all the while berating him for being so naughty.  It was at this point that I heard someone clearing their throat right behind me.  I turned in shock to discover a delivery man holding out a bouquet of flowers. "Happy Mother's Day?"  I still cringe when I think of it now.


  1. there appears to be a strange pattern of humiliation and irony in your life, almost as if God knows you on a deeply personal level..LOL

  2. Awkward. That delivery guy had great comic timing btw - clearly.

  3. I was so embarrassed. He caught me at my absolute worst. He probably went home and told his wife about the witch he delivered flowers to. i wanted to tell him that I really was a nice mother but I doubt he would have believed me.

    Darlene, it is my understanding that God knows us all on deeply personal level. I am sure that is why I am continually being humbled. lol