Friday, March 25, 2011


One of the perks to owning an iphone is that I have a video camera at my disposal at all times which allows me to capture random moments like this...
This was shot at a Best Buy store in Toronto.  Nathan decided to try out the xbox Kinnect and I decided to pull out my iphone and capture the moment.  What you can't hear (because of my awesome editing skills) is Nathan warning me that I had better be getting some shots of the TV screen so people could see what he was really doing.  Things he didn't say:

Don't post it.
Don't blog about it.
Make sure when you edit it, to keep the shots of the TV screen in the movie. (This was impossible because I didn't actually take any video of the TV.)

When my kids would sometimes get in trouble when they were younger a favourite excuse was "Well you didn't tell us NOT to do it." ...and I wonder where they got it from?

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  1. everyday I am so grateful my Mom is computer illiterate