Thursday, July 15, 2010


Last weekend I attended a bridal shower for my soon to be daughter in law (it was fun even though my team didn't win the prize for best toilet paper wedding dress).   The young ladies hosting the party asked us to write down a short piece of marital advice for Emily on heart shaped construction paper attached to pipe cleaner, they would then make it into a little bouquet  which they would give Emily to keep.  After writing down my advice I handed it in along with the the rest of the 'hearts' made at my table.  It was only after I handed it in that the panic struck.  What I had written was really just meant for Emily and was not meant to be shared at an event that included some young girls.  I quickly called Emily over and explained to her that if they asked her to read them out, she should either skip mine or just read out the first part.  The problem with that plan was, I hadn't signed my name.

As my luck would have it, they called Emily up to read the advice to everyone present.  She got to mine and started reading it out.  She looked over at me and I shook my head no... vigorously, I might add.  She smiled sweetly and proceeded to read the rest out. 

I will give Emily the benefit of the doubt and assume that when I shook my head no she understood it to mean "no, that one is not mine".  Yes, I am sure that is what happened...right? .... Emily?

If you really want to know what I wrote (it wasn't all that bad) you will have to leave a comment and I will reply privately.