Friday, July 9, 2010


We've all had them... you know... days when you are feeling less than attractive.  Maybe you have PMS and are feeling a little bloated and Mount Vesuvius has erupted on your forehead or chin or nose.  Maybe you've put on a few pounds recently and even your 'fat' clothes are feeling tight. Regardless of the reason, whenever I am feeling that way, I make a trip into the huge metropolis of  North Bay.  (Remember I live in a rural town.)
Today I saw:

  • a man in his seventies wearing teenage board shorts with suspenders.  The look was finished off with white socks and sandals.
  • an older couple wearing the exact same outfit, khaki pants and vests over bright orange t-shirts topped with matching fishing hats.  They were even wearing the same sandals.  It was strangely disturbing to see how closely they resembled one another.  
  • a woman standing outside of the hairdressers, black cape draped over her shoulders, perm rods in her hair covered with a plastic cap.  She was having a cigarette.
  • an assortment of mullets.  Really people we're not just in a whole new decade, we're in a whole new century, get with the times.
  • greasy hair on about a third of the people I came in contact with.  Apparently showering is optional here.
I came home feeling rather ravishing.  Canada's Next Top Model, sign me up!

*There is a down side to this.  I think I am much better looking than I actually am.  This is made painfully evident to me whenever I travel any further south than Huntsville.


  1. Hahahaha oh how I miss living in Northern Ontario....

  2. It gets worse, the further north you go

  3. haahha lol i can't wait to go back to northbay .... Nathan said people just wear like PJ's and stuff to town lol

  4. hahahah!!! Fionna, you should feel ravishing to matter what city you're in. But I agree, a walk around North Bay sure does help the self-esteem