Wednesday, April 28, 2010

MOUSE 2 - ME 0

I was doing a bit of spring cleaning last week and was ambitious enough to tackle reorganizing the pantry/food storage room downstairs.  I picked up a five pound bag of chocolate chips only to discover about two thirds of it gone. Behind the bag was a rather nasty little mound of mouse poop.  I was not happy. 

Round one goes to the mouse. 
 I threw out the bag, cleaned and disinfected the shelf, and set a mouse trap.  A couple of days later I went down to check the trap.  This is what I found.

Round two goes to the mouse.


  1. I like that you're still referring to your opposition in singular though those things don't breed.

    Oh boy, have I been there...and I do not envy the games you now must play. And bummer on their stolen food of choice! We lost a bag of wholemeal flour to a "mouse" (/scoffing at implication these creatures hang on by themselves), and I was pretty cut up. But chocolate chips!? E-gads! That's way worse.

  2. OH God not the Chocolate!!!!!!! I have traps, let me know if you want em

  3. what the ? is in those jars on the right

  4. Those would be pears Darlene.

  5. apparently it's a myth that mice like cheese - I've heard they ACTUALLY like dried fruit.

  6. Well apparently, they really, really like chocolate.