Thursday, February 18, 2010


I am not allowed to put things on my fridge.  Wait, let me rephrase that.  Ian prefers that I not put things on the fridge.  I get no sympathy when I bemoan the fact that all my friends have photos of their kids and grandkids slathered all over theirs.  I felt like I scored a small victory a couple of years ago when he relented a little and made the compromise to allow small souvenir magnets from places we have visited to be placed on the side of the fridge(the side no one can see).

 A year ago I was feeling particularly daring and I purchased a set of valentine phrase magnets from the dollar store and placed them right on the front of the fridge.  Ian was not impressed but said he could put up with them but just until Valentine's Day was over.  I left him little notes.  The kids came home for the family day weekend and we all left little notes on the fridge.  The day after Valentine's Day Ian asked if he could throw them out.  I protested saying I would take them down but they were not to be thrown out,  I would save them for the next year.  It was at this point that he gave me his little smirk.  Most would read this expression as "as soon as you're not paying attention, I'm turfing them out".  I knew otherwise.  What he really meant was " I know you, you won't have a clue where you put them a year from now."  It was all good, we were both happy.
I put them in a safe place and miracle of miracles, I remembered where that spot was...

and miracle of miracles he left me a message.


  1. Ian agrees with IanFebruary 18, 2010 at 7:42 PM

    Fridge magnets are the work of the devil

  2. I'm pretty sure you married a male version of me, Fionna.

    This post is pure pleasure-reading for me, on so many levels.

    I have decided ONE magnet may be on our fridge...and that is a giant, flat vinyl FHE chart. No more.

  3. awwww, that is so sweet. i love that you compromised, thats cute ;) our fridge looks like a magnet and paper!!

  4. Angela, I KNOW I married a male version of you!

  5. you make marraige look easy,,,,teach me....