Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I kick myself now.  It was the perfect opportunity and I missed it.  Five men standing around a ladder looking up, with a sixth man (my husband) up on the top step trying to remove the canopy from our gazebo.  They all had their backs to me and it would have made a great photo but did I think to get the camera?  No.... I thought I would do the right thing and offer some assistance. I could see they were struggling to figure out how to get it off.  I opened the patio door and told them the finial needed to come off first.  They all turned to look at me with bewildered faces as if to ask "what?" I am sure not one of them wanted to look stupid by not knowing what a finial was so they stood there looking confused.  Dang it, another missed opportunity!  As soon as it was explained to them, off came the canopy in no time at all.  Had I not just got home from a trip to the big city and had I not been trying to get pizza in the oven for the lot of them, I am sure I would have not only got the camera out but the video camera would have been in my hand too and I would now be posting a video of six men trying to figure out how to remove the canopy.  I would have posted it on youtube. It would have gone viral.  I just know it.

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