Sunday, July 19, 2009


Perhaps the biggest difficulty I have encountered with this whole wedding is trying to find an appropriate Mother of the Bride dress. Apparently it needs to be "special". As one web site puts it "you are the most important woman in the bride's life and your dress should reflect that. You should be the second most beautiful woman in the room."
What???? That's got to be some dress that can pull that off. I haven't found it. Most of the MOB dresses I have seen are either dowdy and old fashioned or terribly immodest ( I am talking plunging necklines down to the navel). I wonder how many high class hookers (an oxymoron if there ever was one) masquerade as MOBs to buy those ones.
Shopped out and discouraged, I made my way to the fabric store to see if I could at least perhaps find a pattern and material I liked. I lucked out and found some gold taffeta at less than three dollars a meter ( I only needed two) and a Vogue pattern which was more than the material. I normally wear a size 6-10 in clothes depending on the make and brand but on the most part a size 8 is normal for me. I got the pattern in a size 12 knowing that you usually get the pattern a couple of sizes up. I set to sewing and had everything done but inserting the zipper when I took a good look at it and thought that it looked a little small. It was. So now I have a mostly finished dress that is too small and I am back to square one. In the end I think I will just dig around in my closet for a dress to wear and if anyone compliments me on it I will just smile and say " Oh this?, it's just a little something I pulled out of the closet" I won't be lying.

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  1. Ohhh my mom went through this too... I think she had some luck at Sears / The Bay for one wedding, and I can't remember where she found the other one. There are some half decent websites that had some nice MOB dresses we looked at too... good luck!