Saturday, October 12, 2013


Last weekend I had the privilege of attending General Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Personally attending conference was on my bucket list of things to do and when Ian happened to have a work conference in California the week prior it seemed like the perfect opportunity.  We made the executive decision not to let anyone in Utah know we were coming because one,we were only there for the weekend,two, we were not renting a car, and three, Ian's brother David and his daughter were driving down from Idaho to visit with us.  It was a tough decision to make because we have so many good friends living nearby and even more acquaintances and we knew we just couldn't fit in a visit with everyone and didn't want to offend anyone.  The LDS Conference center at full capacity allows for just over 21,000 people to attend and trust me when I say that it was filled up.  Just before the meeting started I noticed a familiar head about 15 rows in front of me.
"Is that (name withheld to protect privacy)?" I asked Ian.
"It looks like him." was his reply.
"He's with a girl." I exclaimed and before Ian could concur, I shot up out of my seat to get all the juicy details er... I meant... to say hello to my friend.  Yeah, that's it, to say hello to my friend. He was just as shocked to see me as I was to see him.  BUSTED Much to my chagrin one of the two girls he was with happened to be the daughter of some wonderful friends of ours, the very friends we'd neglected to let know we were coming. Now it was my turn to get BUSTED.  As they say in Utah, dang!  I hope I didn't give away too much info about my mystery encounter.

Some old friends of ours from way back did find out from a mutual friend that we were going to be in Salt Lake City last weekend and after we bade goodbye to my brother in law and niece, we enjoyed a wonderful couple of hours catching up with them.  It was so good of them to tear themselves away from a sick son  to spend some time with us.

To all our wonderful friends in Utah, I promise we will come back another time to do dome visiting.

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  1. Beth is really upset you met her before she did. You know she will be calling.