Thursday, December 6, 2012


My morning started at 5:00 am (isn't that technically still night?) when I heard a little girl coughing outside my bedroom door.  She climbed into bed with me and after a little while went back to sleep until 7:30.  I wish I could say the same for me.

After breakfast, Nathan came down the stairs to announce we were out of milk just at the same time that Lilah asked for some peanut butter toast (she'd already had two bowls of cereal).  I left Nathan to make her the toast while I ran to the corner store to get some milk and to the post office to pick up a parcel.  When I got back Lilah was sitting on a chair in front of the television with a plate of toast next to her.
"Aren't you going to eat your toast?" I asked her.
"No" was her reply.
"You don't want it?"
"Can I have it then?"  ( I hadn't eaten yet)
I took a few bites of the toast then asked "Did Uncle Nathan make you two pieces and you ate one already?"
"Nope just the one" she replied "I licked it."
Did I mention she's got a cold?

I opened the parcel that had come in the mail.  It was from Vista Print and it contained invitations to the Chili Cook Off being held at our church next month.  As I admired the invitations I noticed a major error (and here I had thought I had been so careful in my proofreading when ordering them).  I have the date listed as 2012 instead of 2013.

All this and it wasn't even 10:00 am.  I was feeling rather sorry for myself until I saw this a friend had posted on Facebook.

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