Sunday, October 28, 2012


For my friends overseas let me just explain to you that Walmart is a popular department store with prices that tend to be lower than other big stores.  People of all sorts shop there and it can make for quite entertaining people watching.  I have seen many interesting people at the Walmart where I shop including a transvestite with more than a little facial hair, and some people wearing outlandish outfits.  This seems to be so much the trend that there is an actual internet site where people upload photos of rather fascinating characters found shopping at Walmart.  You can check it out at
*Be warned that some of the pictures and comments on the site are a bit off.*  I have shared with you a sampling of what you can find there.

I am hoping that he was completely without clean underwear and decided to wear his wife's knickers just for that day.  That's definitely one way to take the focus off your white socks with loafers.  I know too many men who will not get that last comment.

I've already signed a paper allowing my kids to put me into a nursing home if I ever leave the house wearing an outfit like this when it's not halloween. She needs to be at least 60 years younger and 30 pounds lighter to pull this look off.  The socks and sandals are a no go at any age. 

I think I need to put a book together showing which outfits are grounds for my children to have me put in a home.  This would be on the first page. My gorilla costume doesn't count kids so don't get excited.

I have a feeling these guys were the inspiration for the song Pants On the Ground.
I've seen this more often than any one person should and I always have to fight the urge to go up to the offender and say something.  I am just wondering when it became cool to waddle like a penguin.  Am I so old that I missed that memo?

In what world is this okay?  

This is why Ian is never allowed to have facial hair...ever!

I hope so honey, for your sake I hope so.

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