Sunday, June 3, 2012


The waiting game has begun.  I am at Brittany's in anticipation of the arrival of baby number 2 who is due on Tuesday.  I brought my camera so I can get lots of pictures of the new little guy.  I was thinking of taking some maternity shots beforehand but I just can't decide on the right pose.

I'm not an artist so this one's out.

Ben doesn't own suspenders so this one won't work either.

I'd try this one if I had mad photoshop skills. We don't have to time to wait for Ben to buff up at the gym.

This is more like Ben's physique but Brittany doesn't have an ass like that. (I meant that in the donkey sense)

This would work so much better if they had painted her belly to look like a basketball.  Again, I am not an artist so this one's out.

I am the bunny reference in regards to her ability to reproduce like a rabbit or in the I'm a Playboy Bunny sexy way?

Oh if only I could find some spanish moss growing in Southern Ontario.  I bet Brittany would go for this one.


  1. Hahahahahaha ohhhhh my gosh! These are terrible. Hahaha!

  2. Maybe you could use these ideas for a photo session in your business.

  3. It's hard to know which is the most disturbing but I think the bunny and the suspenders are high up there!