Saturday, February 25, 2012


A number of years ago we had a young girl come and live with us for the summer while she worked away from home.  After she got settled into her new room we sat and chatted for a few minutes.
 "Have you got any pets?" I asked.
 "Why?" she replied "Do you want some?"
I was confused and my face must have betrayed the fact.
"What did you ask me?" she inquired.
"I asked if you had any pets." was my reply.
"Oh" she laughed "I thought you said pads (as in the feminine kind)."
We both had a good laugh.

If you were to ask me today if I have any pets my answer would be " Oh I have many a peeves that is."
 Here are a few of them in no particular order.
I am sure I will offend with some of these so maybe you should stop reading now.

1. People who insist on smoking in non designated smoking areas.  I don't care to breathe in their noxious fumes as I leave the mall, or enter the hospital, or go to get a donut at Tim Hortons. (I just made my father in law jealous with that last one.)
2. Teenage pregnancy.  Obviously sex education is not working. Teenage pregnancy is more prevalent now than ever before.  Here's a suggestion...turn off MTV and start teaching some morals. Girls respect yourselves!
3. People who let their kids run wild in public places and think it's cute.  Trust me, it's not.
4. People who use foul language in public.. in particular the F bomb.  I turn a movie off on the second occurrence of the word.  Yes, I find it that offensive.  I have a whole blog to post on that tomorrow.  Trust me it is a good one.  You won't want to miss it.
5. People who don't use their manners.  Honestly, how hard is it to say please and thank you?

The list goes on but I will stop here.

Stay tuned for more on number 4.


  1. What about when someone chews their food with their mouth open or talks with their mouth full. Can't stand that!

  2. Like I said, the list is not complete. I too detest that. I also don't care for obvious gum chewers even though I think I may fall into that category from time to time.