Sunday, June 19, 2011


I gave a talk at church today on the subject of fathers.  I asked William and Maia a few questions about their dad and grandpa to use in my talk.  Their answers were pretty entertaining.

What is a dad's most important job?
Maia (2): Giving huggles.
William (4): Sleeping.

What is the best thing daddy does?
William: Plays games with us.
Maia: Colours with us.

Describe your daddy.
William: He likes treats.
Maia: He likes chocolates.
Maia: He's nice.
William: He reads scriptures to us and asks silly questions and mummy says not to say them any more.

What does daddy do for work?
William: Make money.
Maia; He writes questions.   (perhaps the silly ones he asks at scripture time)

What is a grandpa's most important job?
Maia: Golfing with daddy.
William:  He looks after us.

What does Grandpa do best?
Both: Sing songs.  (Singing is not a talent Ian possesses so this one made me laugh out loud.)

Describe Grandpa.
William: He plays with us, he's nice,he gives us treats.
Maia: He gives us apple juice ( a treat as we usually just drink water), he comes to our house and gives us cards.

Happy Father's Day Matthew, Ian, and all you other great dads out there.


  1. So....Matthew works as a counterfeiter? : )

  2. Ha ha that's what I asked William. I asked him how Daddy made the money and he looked at me funny and told me he just makes cash.