Thursday, June 16, 2011


Yes, I am back on the facebook thing again only this time it is about people who send a friend request when you don't even know them.  Who does that?  When I get a friend request like that my oddball radar goes off loud and clear and I hear echoes from the robot of Lost In Space "Danger Will Robinson DANGER!" only saying "Danger Fionna....well you get what I 'm talking about unless you're too young to remember that show and have never seen the reruns. Oh wait a minute, surely you saw the Lost in Space movie because as we all know that movie was a major blockbuster. No?  Anyhoo, I got a friend request from someone just recently who I didn't recognize so I checked friends we had in common and emailed one to ask about this person just out of curiosity.  In the email I accused the person of being weird because clearly they would have to be, right?   I then hoped that the person sending the request wasn't related to the person I had just emailed because that would be awkward.  It reminded me of the time we had a couple over for dinner and I told story after story of a complete whacko I know (they are the funniest stories ever but alas, I think the whacko reads my blog so they will remain unwritten).  I didn't mention any names even though there was little to no chance the couple would know her.  Daniel was listening in on the conversation and kept begging to know who it was.  I told him it didn't matter but he wouldn't let it go so I finally just told him who it was (I would never make a good spy for that very reason).  The wife  spoke up and told me that the whacko was her cousin.  At first I though she was joking but no she was not.  Not good but not as bad I think as when Daniel carried on for 20 minutes about how ugly fake brick is on a house as we drove his friend home only to arrive at her home and yes you guessed it, it was covered in fake brick.  I guess  foot in mouth disease is hereditary.

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