Monday, April 18, 2011


I love that my husband

  • thinks I am a genius when it comes to putting things together, setting up the surround sound, using the DVD player, and working anything electronic.
  • puts up with appreciates my quirky sense of humour.
  • honours my role as mother and now grandmother.
  • encourages me to do things he finds totally ridiculous, like bungee jumping.
  • allows me to be my own person.
  • doesn't get mad when I laugh at his foibles.
  • is super organized.

I love that

  • he may not notice right away that I've changed the colour of a room but he instantly notices when I clear off the top of the microwave/fridge/bar.
  • he makes pancakes for the grandkids when they stay over. They love it!
  • breakfast is the only meal he can prepare with aptitude.
  • he shines the tires on the cars (I'm talking about the black part) He's the only person I know that does that but there must be others because there is an actual product for it.
  • I never, ever have to pick up after him.  He wishes he could say the same for me.

I can't think of a more perfect man to go through life with.  Happy 30th Anniversary Ian!

Now you know how perfectly wonderful my husband is but I can't let it be all one sided so let me tell you how wonderful I am (although I think you already know except for those who aren't talking to me after yesterday's post).  While I am sitting here writing this post in the semi frozen north (because apparently Spring didn't get the memo that it's supposed to be here) my husband is golfing in warmer climes, getting a tan, having a massage, and eating out, all on our 30th anniversary... without me..and I am not even complaining, not one little bit because I am a super awesome wife like that.

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