Sunday, March 6, 2011


So I celebrated a pretty significant birthday a couple of weeks ago.  I told Ian that I didn't want a big fuss made and that I preferred to mark the occasion by having dinner with the family which is basically what happened.  Some of the evening I am not allowed to blog about or post pictures of, which is a real shame but I will honour the request even though it is practically killing me not to share.

The table all decorated.

Brittany and I spent the day in town while two of my lovely daughters-in-law decorated the dining room, made dinner and prepared a special surprise. I came home to find my sweet little grandchildren all dressed for a special dinner, the dining room decorated with flowers and a digital photo frame all set up with family pictures.  The paper flowers on the wall contained words to describe me with the names of the submitters included.   Some of the words written weren't all that surprising because after all,  I am pretty "amazing" and "wonderful"  that was why I was shocked when I found the word "humble" written on one... and why would a nice mormon girl like me find the word "cheater" on one and "thief" on another?  Probably because I have "cheated" death a few times and I "stole" my husband's heart.  Yeah, that must be it.   Actually, there are good stories behind those titles.  I have been known to cheat a few times at games but that  happened so rarely and only ever when I was losing (that is why it happened so rarely).  The thief title came after I took a poster from the toilet stall at the House of Blues advertising a band that was playing the next night.  I took it out of it's frame but my accomplice was the one that walked right out of the restaurant with it and her husband had the nerve to say I was a bad influence on her. sheesh!

Flowers sent from Daniel & Olivia

Anyway... it was a great day and I felt very loved by all those who took the time to write a few words describing me.  Thank you Olivia for doing all that.   The only thing that would have made the day more perfect would have been if Daniel, Olivia, and Adam could have been home for it.

I really would have loved to tell you all about my visit from Jack Sparrow but I have promised not to blog about it (I am probably breaking the rules by even mentioning it but I am bad like that)  and none of you would have believed it anyway.

So thank you to all who participated and helped make my birthday so very special.


  1. just because you cant talk about jack doesnt mean someone else cant

  2. Since when would we ever question any kind of mischief, fun or celebration that Fionna was involved in? We would believe it!

  3. Cheater and Thief...I'm not that surprised.