Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I have neglected my blog this last little while because I have been traveling a fair bit with little time at home in between.  One week we were in New Orleans and the next in San Diego.  Both times we stayed at swanky hotels and by swanky I mean over the top five star hotels with every luxury you could imagine.  Swimming laps? no need to be bored... as soon as you dip your head under water you can hear music... pretty cool... and if you just wanted to sit by the pool and bask in the sun well just relax as the pool area attendant brings you some ice water and a fitted towel for your lounge chair.  Forgot your sun screen?... no worries, there's a station where you can grab extra pool towels and slather on some expensive looking sun screen with varying SPF factors.  I hung out at the pool that did not allow children or cell phones. Loved it.

I don't think I touched a door leaving my car or entering the hotel, someone was always at the ready to do it for me. And don't get me started on the food, delicious, all of it and judging from the way my clothes are fitting or rather not fitting, I think I am the biggest I have ever been.  I am too afraid to step on the scales to confirm my suspicion, it might send me into a depth of depression I may never arise from.

I go home today, back to reality.  I will have to open my own doors, make my own bed and cook my own food but it's all good.  I will be able to see my grandchildren, chat with my friends and hang out with my daughter who will be visiting for the week.

                                             The lobby of the Del Mar Grand Hotel.  


  1. My five star hotel is called Le Maison Jenner. Where meals are cooked for you and someone takes your baby when she's cranky.

  2. Jealous...of both your comments and B's.