Friday, August 6, 2010


While out shopping with a young friend (Cora), I came across this funky little kitchen gadget.  It's a potato masher and I just couldn't resist it's charm.  Into the cart it went with a few other items.   As I was checking out, Cora spotted it and gushed over how cute it was.

"My aunt would love this" she said "her BF (boyfriend for those of you who are not familiar with young speak) is from Jamaica" She continued "but that's okay, we really like him."

I broke into laughter.   It was good to know that Cora was cool with her caucasian aunt dating a black guy from Jamaica it was just funny hearing what could be construed as a  racist comment coming from a girl who is herself black.

Well when I say black, I use the term loosely.  Her skin is dark but inside she is about as white as they come.  It's almost as if there was some cosmic switch that occurred while trying on a pair of earrings at a new age store (if you've seen the movie the Hot Chick you'll know exactly what I am referring to).   I swear some white girl from the valley got her body and that somewhere in California there is a blonde whose name is Ashley but insists on being called Taniqua, going around saying "Holla girl, why you always got ta be baller blockin on me? Fo' shizzle.

Don't be hatin', Cora.  You know it's true.


  1. I know lots of white girls who talk like that.

  2. Haha fo shizzle. How do u know what baller blockin is? Your more ghetto than Cora.