Sunday, June 6, 2010


That friend of mine was right.. the one that pointed out that there is always more than just one mouse. 

Yes, a whole punk gang was making themselves quite at home in my pantry.  They were getting the best of me too, eating chocolate chips, pasta noodles, and fine Belgian chocolate to their hearts' content.  They were having a grand old time being all rowdy, stealing the bait and setting off my traps.  They were having a great time at my expense.  Sure I managed to catch one a few weeks ago but I realized later that it was the stupid fat one of the bunch.  He probably drew the short straw when they came across my new state of the art traps.   I'll have to hand it to them, none of them were silly enough to get caught by another one afterwards.  I was smug.  "Ha" I thought "I'll have to tell Ange there was only one."   I never saw another sign of the mice after catching the one.  I really thought I had taken care of the problem.  Then one night as I watching a movie, one came out to taunt me.  He stopped, looked right at me as if to say "Yeah that's right lady, me and my gang eat your food, poop where we want and there's nothing you can do about it."  I could see his courage waiver a bit when his revelation didn't elicit the reaction he thought it would.  No scream escaped my lips, my feet stayed firmly in place and I could see his panic rise when I narrowed my eyes.  He didn't know who he was messing with.

The challenge was on and even though I think it inhumane, the very next day I purchased 4 glue traps.  As of today, there are three less mice in the house. 

Sorry little mice but what you didn't realize is that I was once the mother to four teenage boys, that's right, four.  I thrive on challenge.   


  1. NICE. Not sure if I've mentioned it to you before Fiona but I've heard that the whole Mice like cheese thing is a myth - apparently they rather like dried fruit - maybe this will be the clincher for your success!

  2. Glue traps. I'll remember this, just in case.

  3. I'm sorry to be right, because I remember this battle when we lived out at Port. The first traps did nothing. Then we got this amazing one ($6 for one instead of $2 for 2)...and caught 19 mice in 48 hours. /shudder The fact they had eaten through an entire bag of wholemeal flour in our food storage cupboard (rarely accessed) should have been a clue to their numbers. It had nothing to do with how we kept house...they just got into the double-brick walls from outside and hung out in there. I pictured them scaling dwangs (chortle) like the characters of Ratatouille and An American Tail.

    At first I was too soft to kill them. Then I read this. Then I was bent on eradication without mercy.

  4. Cotton balls work for bait too.