Monday, June 21, 2010


On Friday I mowed the lawn.  This is a rare occurrence as it is generally done by Ian but since he had been away for a couple of weeks and the grass was getting long, I figured I should help out.  Part way through the chore, Matthew and Kere arrived with the kids.  Matthew took over for me so that I could go 'play' with the grandkids.  Kere had never used a riding lawnmower so she decided to go out and have a go at it too so between the three of us, the job was done by the time Ian got home that night.

On Saturday I went into town to do some shopping and came home to find Ian...wait for it... mowing the lawn!   Had he not realized it had been done just the day before?   I began to laugh as soon as I realized that he was straightening the 'cut lines'.   I rolled down the window of the car and called out "That's what  I love about you."

There's more that I love about him too.

  • I never have to pick up after him, ever, not dishes. not clothes, not paper.
  • He keeps the cars filled with gas, windshield washer fluid, and oil.
  • He is always even tempered.
  • He thinks the best of others.
  • He has a generous heart.
  • He has a great sense of humour even though it may not be evident at first.
  • He has been the best dad to our kids.

There's a lot more and that list is so obviously not in order.   I feel like the luckiest woman alive to have him in my life and I often wonder how I managed to snag him for myself.  

As I was preparing a special Father's Day dinner, Ian walked past the kitchen, looked at my mess, smiled and said "That's what I love about you."


  1. That is so sweet...I love those kind of comments

  2. Cute!! Your first bullet point of things you love about him...I wish I could say the same for Daniel haha..but he has inherited many of the good traits of both of you guys so I can't complain.