Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I am sure we have all been guilty of quickly reading something and totally misunderstanding what was written.  This happened to a friend of mine last week when I sent her an email.

I wrote...

"Guess who unfriended me, Nathan, and Brittany?  I am crushed.  I hope I can get over it."
I placed a little smiley face at the end so that she could surmise that I was being sarcastic about the being crushed part.

This was all in reference to a post on her facebook page where someone went totally berserk over an innocent enough comment Brittany had made.

She read....

"Guess who unfriended me? Nathan and Brittany!"

She wrote and asked why and I wrote back to explain that I was sure it was all over the "controversial" post. Of course I thought she was referring to the person that had unfriended us all.
The next thing I know, I receive a very apologetic email from her telling me how sorry she was that I had been caught in the crossfire and that she hoped Brittany and Nathan would come to their senses.  She also hoped that Nathan worked out his jealousy toward his sister.   I realized at once that she had misunderstood what I had written (it is easy enough to understand why) and began to laugh.  I wrote her back immediately to set the record straight.  Nathan and Brittany are still my facebook friends, they love each other dearly, and we are so not crushed that a certain someone unfriended us.

I have since discovered that same certain someone also removed the rest of our family from her facebook friend list.  Really?  Are you that petty?  It just makes us laugh all the more at the perceived insult.


  1. LOL i still can't believe that..consider yourself lucky...

  2. I wish more people would unfriend me! I have too many people to keep track of and I can't get up the courage to unfriend them myself. O Facebook...the trouble you cause!

  3. Oh boy...some people. You have to love facebook drama.

  4. I read it the same way! haha I thought, oh, what are they doing that they don't want their Mom to see? haha They're not teenagers anymore! haha Maybe Mom is badgering them to have grandkids!

  5. Glad you liked my post!! By the way, I was also unfriended LOL! I'm not sure what I had to do with it...oh well, some people just can't handle the Jenners ;)