Sunday, January 17, 2010


Years and years ago there was a British sitcom "Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em".  The main character was Frank.  He was clumsy, well meaning, accident prone, and often found himself in awkward situations.  My husband took to calling me Frank soon after I met him.  Like one of my friends said "If it's going to happen to anyone, it's going to happen to you."  I wouldn't say that I am accident prone or even all that clumsy but I do seem to find myself in situations that are just... well... awkward.  Take last week for instance.  I was in a fast food restaurant with three of my children and a friend. I ordered a chicken sandwich with accompanying fries and drink and we all sat down at the table and proceeded to eat.   It was a perfectly normal situation.
 Directly across from us, sat two men eating their dinner.  Now, I am not being judgmental (well maybe I am) but these guys were not the kind of men you would expect to see this close to the big city.  The word "Deliverance" should conjure up enough of an image but just to be sure you get it, I'll tell you that the clothing they wore was pretty tatty and dirty but had nothing on the hair they were sporting.  I did not want to make eye contact.  We busily chatted about the movie we had just seen (Avatar, which was amazing) and I forgot all about the men... that is until I noticed that the mayo from my sandwich was leaking out at the bottom.  I flipped my sandwich over and slowly licked up the side of it so it didn't get all over my hands.  Just as I reached the top of my sandwich with my tongue, I raised my eyes and met with the gaze of one of the "deliverance" guys.  He smiled at me.  I just about choked as I realized that  the guy thought I was flirting with him in a very suggestive way. This is why Ian calls me Frank.

Deliverance Guys

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