Sunday, August 9, 2009


This time next week the tent will come down, the company will be gone, and I will hopefully be relaxing with my feet up on the sofa. I can hardly wait. Ian has taken this entire next week off of work to "help" with the final preparations. I will probably send him golfing (read it and weep Haki). I love my husband dearly, he has many talents but helping with wedding preparations is not one of them. For the time it would take me to explain what I want done, it would be faster just to do it myself.
Ian: What can I do to help?
Me: Can you make some paper flowers for me?
Sure I think I can manage that.
Take eight sheets of tissue paper.
How can you count out eight? These papers are all sticking together.
Dampen your finger.
It's putting holes in the paper.
I said dampen it not slobber all over it.
Okay, I've got eight now what do I do?
Do an accordion fold all the way down.
What size do I make the folds?
About an inch wide.
Does this look right?
Yep. that's fine.
But I don't think it's an inch.
It will be fine.
How come it's uneven on this side?
You'll have to redo it.
It's still not going right.
Here let me fix it. Now wrap a piece of wire round the middle and snip the ends into points.
Is this the middle?
Close enough.
How should I cut the ends?
Into points, you know, like an arrow.
Where do we keep the scissors?
The same place they've been for the last eleven years.
Oh... in the kitchen?
It's hard cutting through all these layers. I can't do it. (frustration creeping in)
Just cut through a few layers at a time.
Okay now what?
Carefully peel each layer up and to the middle one at a time.
Oops... it ripped.
Gently, gently.
Uh oh, I ripped another piece.
You have to be really gentle.
Ummm.... how come it's ripping all the time.
It's tissue paper.
How come mine doesn't look like yours?
Maybe it has something to do with all the rips.
Is there another job I can do instead?
This was the simple job
In the meantime, I've made three paper flowers, and written this post.

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